Canton Flair, le nouveau livre de Nicolas Vienne (Ile Maurice)

Far from the industrial cliché and the highly urbanized city of Guangzhou is another view of this historical city. One without complexity, simple and authentic. Chef Nicolas Vienne and his wife Donia Belhacene have spent the last two years exploring its culinary wonders through its products, natural resources and culture.

As a talented and committed chef and his wife, “the Amateur Foodie”, this French globetrotting couple evokes life with passion, enthusiasm and above all with heart. The ideal approach of a region is through its markets and local products. They particularly enjoyed looking for the most unique and mysterious products that create the identity of a regional cuisine.

Uncovering a city’s true potential and its culinary achievements is not done through the expanse of concrete buildings. “The economic power of China”, Guangzhou exists for its cuisine, its flavors and its traditions. This globetrotting couple has explored Guangzhou in its purest form sharing with you Canton’s culinary secrets with beautiful stories and personal recipes.

Pour en savoir plus, lire l’article publié sur le blog des frères Pourcel.

Canton Flair Recipe Design, Traditions & Culture Made in China – Nicolas Vienne

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