Mont Fuji – Japon

1967 年、南フランスのラングドック地方に生まれる。
幼年期をマダガスカル島で過ごた後、1985 年、パリの名門レストラン »ルヴィヴァロア »で料理の基礎を学び、レストラン »ギーサヴォア »を始めとする数々の2ツ星、3ツ星レストランで修行を重ねる。
1989 年徴兵期間中、当時文部大臣であったジャック・ラング氏のパーソナルシェフとして任務を果たす。
その後、カリブ海の高級リゾート地、セントバーテレミー島にある « グアナハニホテル » の2つ星レストランにてコンサルタントとして活躍。
ニューヨークへ拠点を移し1992 年~2000 年、ザガット27を獲得したレストラン »ラグルヌイユ » にて、パーティー専門の料理長に就任。クリントン前大統領など多くの著名人を魅了する。
2000 年、富士の麓にある株式会社富士物産の商品開発部室長に就任。
2004年には東京全日空ホテル内にあるレストラン、 »イタロプロバンス »のアドバイザーとしてオープニングに携わった経験を持つ。

Tempura de crevettes

He was born in 1967 in South of France, Languedoc region.

After spending his childhood in Madagascar Island, and africa he move to Paris to start cooking at well know restaurant « LE VIVAROIS*** « . He has spent years of training at several restaurants with 2 to 3 stars such as « DROUANT » and « GUY SAVOY*** « .

In 1989 during his military service, he received a position to be the personal chef for the
Minister of Culture at that time, Mr. Jack Lang.

He moved to St. Barthelemy Island, French West Indies, where he had worked as chef
food adviser for one of a prestigious hotel resort « Guanahani Hotel »for two years .
Later that year, he took an offer from a one of the best French restaurant in New York City,
« LA GRENOUILLE » which rated 27 on Zagat survey, as chief chef in charge of parties. His
clients such as former US president Mr. Clinton ,Queen Elizabeth, Madonna ,Luciano Pavarotti and many more celebrities were charmed by his style of cooking.

He had moved to Japan in 2000, placed on the foot of Mt. Fuji, as product development
chef in Fujibussan Co., Ltd. In 2004, he had an opportunity to fully involved for the opening of restaurant « ITALO-PROVENCE » in ANA Hotel Tokyo as a Adviser. Using his rich experiences around the world and unique vision towards his cooking, he plays active and important role for creation of new products for hotels and wedding places as well as airline food. He continues to expand his creativity by organizing events nation wide.

In April 2011, he has created his own company “Gourmet Consulting”.
Supporting the entry of French foods Companies and brands in to Japan and Asian markets.
He works as mediator of product developing,marketing and presentation.

He established an organisation”THE CONCIERGES DINER” for hotel concierges to bring more visibility and provide a higher level of customer service in Japan.

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